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2024 Undergraduate Research Forum

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This important campus-wide event, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and External Fellowships, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Student Success and Belonging, the Honors College, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the UIC Alumni Association, and the University Library, showcases undergraduate student research covering a broad range of scholarship across a variety of disciplines. This year the URF will be part of the inaugural UIC Research Week, a first of an annual series of events to celebrate the incredible work of our faculty, staff, students and research trainees.

The 2024 URF will be held Monday, April 15, 2024 at the UIC Dorin Forum. 

If you are an undergraduate student who is involved in research or creative inquiry projects on campus under the direction of a UIC faculty member or other project supervisor, please consider attending the Undergraduate Research Forum to present your work. Registration for student presenters will remain open through Wednesday, March 27, 2024:

  • If registering for a group: Groups are limited to a maximum of 4 team members. One team member should submit a single registration for all students in the group.
  • All student presenters are required to submit their abstract (300 words or less) as a Microsoft Word document, containing the Project Title at the time of registration. Abstracts should also be submitted by pasting the text into this form.

Undergraduate student presenters registration link:

Faculty, staff, postdoc researchers and graduate students: Please consider volunteering your time and expertise to serve as a judge for the event. Judges play a crucial role in the success of the event, and the student presenters and event organizers are grateful for the service you provide. Registration for judges will remain open through Friday, March 29, 2024.

Faculty, staff, postdoc researchers and graduate student judges registration link:

See below for additional information pertaining to the event, including registration links, resources to help students prepare their research abstracts, presentations, and posters.


Undergraduate Research Forum Photos Heading link

Undergraduate Research Forum 2023 Abstract Book

2023 Undergraduate Research Forum Award Winners Heading link

**Arts / Design / Humanities**

1st Place: Michael Oliveros

  • Project Title: Gulugod: Queering Philippine Mythology Through Intergenerational
  • Supervisor: Gayatri Reddy
  • Affiliations: The Liberal Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative (LASURI)

2nd Place: Sabrina Zhang

  • Project Title: Research with Empathy: Designing with Plant Grow Eat, a Farm in Saint Lucia
  • Supervisor: Robert Zolna

3rd Place: Ian Hammond

  • Project Title: Alienation and Modernity: Karl Marx and Mark Fisher at the Movies
  • Supervisor: Anna Kornbluh
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

**Business / Computer Science / Mathematics**

1st Place: Yamaan Nandolia, Dishant Desle & Kevin Soni

  • Project Title: Designing Multi-Touch Spherical Display Applications For GeoData Analysis In Earth Science Classrooms
  • Supervisor: Nikita Soni
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

2nd Place: Mia Noguier & Victor Anthony Hernandez

  • Project Title: The Illusion of Authenticity in Corporate Front Groups
  • Supervisor: Jocelyn Leitzinger
  • Affiliations: The Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award (CURA)

3rd Place: JunSung Lim & Agarwal Ishi

  • Project Title: Design guidelines for developing effective oral health applications for children
  • Supervisor: Mohan Zalake

**Engineering / Physical Sciences**

1st Place: David Goeckner

  • Project Title: Development of an Ultrasonic Testing Apparatus for Materials at High Pressures
  • Supervisor: Stephen Gramsch
  • Affiliations: Educational and Research Training Collaborative

2nd Place: Madeleine Fine

  • Project Title: Developing Noninvasive yet Precise Methods to Detect Oral Cancer with Machine Learning
  • Supervisor: Guy Adami
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

3rd Place: Pranav Rathod

  • Project Title: Designing Speech and Gesture Mobile Applications for Image Editing
  • Supervisor: Nikita Soni

**Life Sciences**

1st Place: Chelsea Oommen

  • Project Title: Inter-Rater Agreement for the Annotation of Neurologic Concepts in Electronic Health Records
  • Supervisor: Michael Carrithers
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

2nd Place (tie): Caroline Dobosz

  • Project Title: Priming the Pre-Metastatic Niche in Breast Cancer: The Effect of GSL-Rich Adiposomes
  • Supervisor: Abeer Mohamed
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

2nd Place (tie): Dominika Machlowska

  • Project Title: The Role of Meal Timing and Exercise in Glucoregulation of Zucker Obese Rats
  • Supervisor: Michael Calik
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

2nd Place (tie): Rahul Vadakath

  • Project Title: Jagged1 Increases Breast Cancer Lymphatic Metastasis
  • Supervisor: Naiche Adler
  • Affiliations: The Honors College | The Liberal Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Research Initiative (LASURI)

**Social Sciences**

1st Place: Temi Sodipe

  • Project Title: From Paris to Chicago: FGM/C and Local Social Services
  • Supervisor: Kathryn Engel
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

2nd Place (tie): Priyanka Kaushal

  • Project Title: Health Disparity and Demographic Analysis of Patients with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes in Relation to Screening and Patient Care utilizing an Urban Academic Emergency Department
  • Supervisor: Kirstie Danielson
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

2nd Place (tie): Danyah Thnaibat

  • Project Title: A New Iron Curtain: Unveiling Technology and State Power in the Era of Digital Repression
  • Supervisor: Sultan Tepe
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

**Honors College Capstone Innovation Award**

1st Place (tie):  Safiyah Azeez

  • Project Title: An App Proposal for Compiling Resources on Islamic Self-development Topics for College Students
  • Supervisor: Mark Hallenbeck
  • Affiliations: The Honors College

1st Place (tie): Rimla Khan

  • Project Title: Fragments of a Child: An Anatomical Review of Childhood Trauma
  • Supervisor: Therese Quinn
  • Affiliations: The Honors College